web designer

Creating or rebuilding a website design is an expensive task. Many nonprofit organizations take time before actualizing the idea to redesign or create a new website. It is a big investment hence the need to make sure that they are handling everything correctly. This article will outline some of the mistakes made when selecting a non profit website design company.

Choosing a Company Because It Is the Cheapest

Cost is a significant factor to consider when looking for goods and services, but it should not be the only factor looked at. Many business people make this mistake, and it ends up costing them dearly. Many times, the cheap companies are poor in their work. If you get a poor website, your visitors will suffer, and you will draw away potential donors. Yes, you must work within your budget but make sure that the person you choose gives you the best quality.

Choosing a Part-Time Web Designer

This is another mistake made by many nonprofit organizations aiming to save money. They will argue that they make the best personal relationship, but it comes with many risks including:

  • It might take them longer to finish the web design.
  • They might get busy in their full-time job and forget about your work.
  • If you have assigned them both designing and programming, cases that one will be poorly done are high. Many people are good at either but not both.
  • They might not offer support and maintenance after the work is done.

Asking a Print Designer to Do the Design of Your Website

Many people are not aware that print and web are in different worlds. For example, in the print world, you use inches not pixels. An individual might be good at print design, but not the perfect choice to design your website. Make sure to always use a web designer for all your website design needs.

Not Having a Point Person

The person who creates a website should follow it up to ensure that it is working correctly. But many nonprofit organizations choose someone who disappears after the website is done. Choose a company that meets deadlines and answers all your questions in time. They should have ample time for you from the start to the end.